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PLMA 2024 is an event focusing on retail products, with a special focus on the food sector. Although our products may be considered niche at this exhibition, our display still attracted a lot of attention. New products we carry, especially anti-fog glasses wipes,

anti-fog glasses wipes

Bubble eye masks which is for the treatment of dry eye disease,

As well as acne patches for cosmetics,

Acne patch

Acne patch

Under eye patches, etc., have received attention and recognition from many visitors.

under eye patch

During the exhibition, our booth became one of the focuses of many visitors. Many visitors showed great interest in our products and actively communicated with us to understand the product features and application scenarios. They gave positive feedback on our innovative products and believed that these products have practical application needs in daily life.

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Building 2#,Ditian Function,Xiaoshun Town,Jinhua City,Zhejiang,China.
About Us
Jinhua Jingdi Medical Supplies Co., Ltd was founded in Jinhua, China In Sept. 2004. Professional manufacturer of medical consumable and sterile healthcare products. Main items include :Wound plaster(band aid), Wound dressing, Medical tape,Cooling gel patch, Capsicum plaster, Fix roll, Corn plaster, Alcohol pad, Medical mask ,etc....

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