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High Adhesive Full Cotton High Quality White Rigid Strapping Sports Athletic Cloth Tape Soccer Football Tape

  • Hengdi

Product Description

Custom Medical Athletic Tape Cotton Sports Kinesiology Tape

Sports tape, also known as athletic tape or kinesiology tape, is a type of adhesive tape commonly used by athletes and sports professionals to support and stabilize muscles and joints during physical activity. It's designed to provide structural support to muscles and ligaments, reduce pain, and prevent injuries. There are different types of sports tape available, each with specific purposes:

Sports tape is typically applied by trained professionals such as athletic trainers or physical therapists, although athletes may learn how to apply it themselves for routine use or minor injuries. Proper technique and application are essential to ensure effectiveness and prevent skin irritation or injury.


Jinhua Jingdi Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd. was founded in YIWU, China In Sept. 2004, the asset restructuring of the company happened in 2006, Factory building moved to current location at 88 Innovation Road, Xiaoshun, Jindong, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China, which Has 130mu area with 146, 000 square meter of the plants and office building.

There are about 600 employees here, 40% of them educated in junior College. Till last year, the amount of sales achieved 700 million in CNY.

Our company is a professional medical products supplier, specializing In the Research & Development, Production and Sales all kinds of dressings, Medical adhesive tape, sport tape, dressing pad/dressing roll, infusion Paste, cooling gel patch, capsicum plaster, mouthwash, disinfectant, hand Sanitizer, alcohol pad, iodine pad, cotton swabs, kinesiology tape, and Adhesive bandages, elastic bandages, first aid kit, as well as various Dressings base materials.

Our company has 8000 square meters 100000 grade purication Workshop, we are the New High-tech enterprises, the municipal technology Experiment center, the partner of many colleges and universities. Our Company finished GMP Audit, production in linewith the 9001 quality Management system, through professional third party certication body Detection, and achieved certicates CE/ISO13485, FDA, BSIC, GMP and WCA.

Our products sell well all over the world: Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, southeast Asia, North America, South America, Australia etc.

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Building 2#,Ditian Function,Xiaoshun Town,Jinhua City,Zhejiang,China.
About Us
Jinhua Jingdi Medical Supplies Co., Ltd was founded in Jinhua, China In Sept. 2004. Professional manufacturer of medical consumable and sterile healthcare products. Main items include :Wound plaster(band aid), Wound dressing, Medical tape,Cooling gel patch, Capsicum plaster, Fix roll, Corn plaster, Alcohol pad, Medical mask ,etc....

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